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SENTEZ AIR CONDITIONING creates difference with its understanding and quality.

Electronic measurement-control devices that we used increases service quality of our company and bring in money and time to our customers.

Our sensitive ampere, voltage, phase angle, vibration measurement devices, gas pressure measuring manifolds and heat measurement devices are completely electronic devices. By this means we complete our trouble shooting and measurement results in a much shorter period and obtain much more accurate results.

Our customers who make a preventive maintenance agreement with our company avail from our 7 days 24 hours continuous and privileged service, cut-price and fast spare part provision service. Along with routine maintenance operations such as condenser cleaning in monthly preventive maintenance and electrical board cleaning, possible defect situations are prevented by following a detailed control procedure such as gas and oiling pressure controls, superheat and subcool controls.

Multialternative preventive maintenance offers are presented to our customers. Their advantages and disadvantages are expressed by our customer representatives to our customers. By this means, we help our customers in choosing the proper maintenance period for the devices.

During preventive maintenance and defect services, the photos of detected failed-parts are taken and are presented to our customers with offers. After the breakdown is repaired, the changed spare part is handed in the authority. All technical equipment and measurement decives used in preventive maintenance and repair services are TSI certified and calibrated high technology technical equipments.
Our service department is consisted of the technical personnel who graduated from the relevant departmens of the universities and completed his/her training in our company. Besides the brands of which our company is the authorized service, our company provides service for other brands of chiller groups. The main brands that we provide service for are presented below.

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