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McQuay Chiller Elektronik Retrofit Mühendislik Hizmetimiz.

Retrofit; in Turkish it has a meaning which is to make something old usable.
When today’s conditions are taken on board, after a little while, in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol (which our country signed) which is signed by the all world countries, the new generation refrigerants need to be made usable by revising the current chillers that use old generation refrigerants such as R22, R12.

Our company took the place it deserves with its personnel who have the necessary technical background to give this service and can use his/her abilities actively and with its structure that continually follows the technology and uses modern measuring control instruments.

With its control-automtion retrofit, our newly performed McQuay PEH series can re-use Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall’s idle chiller groups in ultramodern conditions.

Why do you need this engineering service?

PEH series chiller groups’ production and spare part support were stopped years ago. McQuay company does not produce PEH series chiller groups anymore. It started to produce such centrifugal chiller groups as WSC (single compressor) and WDC (double compressor) model numbered. This new series of instruments have a great difference from old series of instruments. You can contact our company about the details of this difference.

Automation and control systems of PEH series chiller grups for which our company gives this service are being transformed into new series of WSC, WDC chiller groups. After the retrofit service that we performed, the current instrument that has microtech 100 control system is rendered having new type WSC control panel and automation.

When it is imagined that the whole production of electronic components such as logic card and daughter board of PEH series chiller groups are stopped, the need for retrofit will be inevitable in the cases that the repair operations are not possible. The aim here is to keep up with the technology by modernizing our chiller group and along with this, making the chiller group more stabile and economically working with the control points added after retrofit and to be able use chiller group for many years without the problem of spare parts. Your PEH series chiller groups on which retrofit Kit montage and application was performed become enable to use WSC, WDC series chiller groups’ spare parts.

Your chiller group will now have 15’’ touch screen LCD monitor (touch-operated LCD screen) and an automation system operating with Windows XP. You can control your chiller group with BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus automation systems from now on. We can remote-monitor your chiller groups’ operation with jointing module and with PlantVisor programme installed in our service laptops and can warn you about the possible malfunctions by remotely controlling your chiller grups’ operation.

You can obtain the catalogue of this service of our company and McQuay Spare Parts original catalogue here.

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