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Software Installation & Upgrade Service

Our company repairs the breakdowns in mechanical and electrical equipments of chiller groups’ and also is able to repair the possible breakdowns in device electronic equipment.

In Mc Quay chiller groups, mainboard unit software back up is made during maintenance. This prevents you from paying high amounts of software price in software problems.

Electronic module’s and software control can be performed by out company with simulator board which can test Mc Quay mainboard and softwares. In the laptops kept around by our service team, special Mc Quay software and programmes are installed and this enables us to make software installations and back ups. By this means, we can connect to your devices with our laptops and can record your all performance values to our computers by using Plant Visor.

We can continually monitor your device’s performance and function values online with the additional modules we place in your chiller group and can inform you about situation that may cause possible problems in your system.

While we perform software back up for your chiller groups, our service teams, who can continually inform you about the new software versions, are in your service.

Mc Quay chiller models that we provide this service for;
WSC, WDC, McPower, Proximus, ALS, ALR, PEH, MNG, ENP, AGR, AGZ, WHR models.

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