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Environment; is the external environment in which the creatures living on earth maintain their relationship throughout their lifes. In other words, it can be defined as Ecosystem. Air, water and earth constitute the physical elements of this environment and human, animal, plant and other microorganisms constitute the biological elements.

The mixing up of the foreign materials- which cause structural damages on inanimate environment elements emerging with the negative effects on nature’s main physical elements such as air, water and earth and effecting vital activities of animate elements and which damage these inanimate elements’ characteristics- with air, water and earth intensely is defined as Environmental Pollution.

Along with the comfort brought to our life by the developing technology, the amount of the pollution brought by this development increases dy by day. Radioactive, solid, liquid and gas-state pollutants’ accumulation in air, water and earth cause environmental pollution.

As it is everyone’s responsilibty to protect our environment, the creatures and nature, it is also our company’s responsibility as well. What can we do in our job as Sentez Air Conditioning to protect the environment? Which innovations we can prevent our environment from damage with? How should we carry on our business as to not damage our environment? We made investments to prevent the CFC, HCFC gases from being evacuated to the atmosphere. We informed our customers about receiving retrofit service. We helped them to obtain detailed information about the benefits provided by this service to the environment by explaning the benefits of retrofit.

Our company stopped gas release to the atmosphere and started to gas transfers and accumulations to certified special pressure tubes with gas accumulation units. Accumulated and unusable gas is transferred to relevant places in order to be annihilated.

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