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SENTEZ AIR CONDITIONING has been providing service for chillers and cooling compressors since 2001. Our company, which is in accordance with TSI 12850 and TSI 12870 and certifies this accordance, believes in the power of education and technology and acts in this direction.

Our company’s shareholders and founders graduated from the relevant departments of the universities and received education in the country and abroad.

* The person who provided training on behalf of Alarko-Carrier, in Istanbul Alarko Topçular Factory between 1998-1999 for Istanbul Alarko-Carrier authorized services about “Trouble shooting and startup” is one of the shareholders and founders of our company.

* The person who provided training on behalf of Alarko-Carrier in Bursa between 1998-1999 for the authorized services in adjacent regions about “Trouble shooting and startup” is one of the shareholders and founders of our company.

Our founders and shareholders who provided these educations act with a great responsibility in our company’s personnel training. Carrying on a quality business with trained personnel and thus costumer satisfaction are our primary principles.


We visit our customers before both periodical maintenance contract and give trouble shooting offer about chiller groups and cooling compressors and we analyze the current conditions of the devices which need maintenance or repair and then we present our technical condition reports prepared as a result of our analyzes to the authority. Thanks to this working system, proper maintenance and repair identification return as time and money gain to our customers. By means of the technical condition reports, our customers know the current defect conditions, the correct way to follow in trouble shooting, the maintenance periods of their devices and they can receive offers and easily make a decision.


The fields of activity that our company is expert in are listed below.

* Chiller groups service, maintenance, defect and start up operations
* Compressor mechanical revision defect and maintenance operations,
* Compressor coil winding-stator winding operations
* Commitment, project and engineering services.

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