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Job Security;

Our personnel graduated from the relevant departments of the universities and are experienced in their fields. Besides their university education, all of our personnel were subjected to detailed trainings by the experts accredited by MNE both about Vocational Education and Job Security and were certified separately on each field.

Our personnel, who work in the jobs included in the scope of the Hard and Hazardous Occupation Regulations as Job Security and Vocational Education services, were made to receive 32-40 hours of training by making deals with Ministry of National Education-certified companies and certification was made.

In accordance with the cooperation protocol with Ministry of National Education, the Workplace and Worker Security expert educators who were appointed by P Workplace and Worker Security provincial Directorate for National Education inspected our firms by aiming to prepare them the technological developments and changes required by information society and the authority certified our personnel by subjecting them to detailed trainings.

The trainings are planned, flexible, contentful, result evaluating, everchanging, appropriate for necessities and they involve all profession types in terms of Hard and Hazardous Job Groups with training modules determined by Ministry of National Education.

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