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 The Activity Areas of SENTEZ AIR CONDITIONING INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY are listed below. What makes our company strong, quality and one of the leading companies in the sector is that all these activities are carried out in a centralized way without giving rise to a minimum failure and are completed in coordination without problem. That is Why SENTEZ AIR CONDITIONING has the unique pride of having a place in the sector.

•    Chiller groups service, maintenance, defect and start up operations
•    Compressor mechanical revision maintenance and repair operations
•    Compressor coil winding-stator winding operations
•    Industrial control and automation systems
•    Commitment, project and engineering services
•    Channelled split, Rooftop sale, service and montage operations. 

Our company that brought “Major Service” understanding to the sector takes firm steps forward.

What is “Major Service”?

Major service means that when you work with our company, you will not need any other company in terms of service.

There is a mechanic defect in chiller groups’ compressor, there is a defect in chiller group, there is electrical damage in compressor and its motor burnt; the solution for these problems is SENTEZ AIR CONDITIONING INDUSTRY TRADE LIMITED COMPANY. Usual service companies makes compressor repair company repair the failed compressor, repairs chiller group defect, makes coil company wind the compressor’s burnt motor. It provides service with the help of additional companies. This means loss of both money and time.

The solution method of our company in abovementioned problems is:

Failed compressor is repaired and tested in our mechanic machine shop. Failed chiller group is repaired by our service teams. Winding and tests of the compressor with burnt motor are performed in our coil winding machine shop. Each and every kind of issue is completed by our company’s authorized and expert personnel. This is what we call “Major Service”!...

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