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Screw and Piston type compressor are revised in guarantee. Our company, which is the authorized service of Bitzer and McQuay compressors, provides maintenance and repair services for other brands as well.

Failed compressors taken to our machine shops are completely demounted and are subjected to detailed technical solutions and ultimate trouble shooting is performed.

Work Operation Details

SENTEZ AIR CONDITIONING shows its customers its quality perception, the customer satisfaction policy that it adopts in all areas of activity as it does in compressor revision area. The failed compressors are taken to our machine shop and demounted by our technical team.

During disassembly operation, photos are taken with digital camera and disassembly main lines are videotaped. Disassembled mechanical parts (con rods, pistons, cranks etc.) are subjected to technical measurements.

It is controlled whether the disassembled mechanical parts are within the limits of factory abrasion limits. The photos of the parts in which defect or abrasion is detected are taken.

Technical report is prepared and presented to our customers along with compressor Overhaul offer. Similarly, the photos are taken during montage and camera images are taken and compressors are assembled. After the assembly operation is completed, the compressor is run in test stand.

Ampere control, megger test and oiling pressure control are performed. Vibration tests, detailed stator controls are carried out. All measurement and control results performed in test section are recorded to Control Schedule and computer. After operation tests and records are completed, all compressors are subjected to leak tests by charging nitrogen. After all the tests are completed, the compressors are ready to be painted. After the painting operation, our customers are informed about completion of the repair and delivery is made.

Control Schedule, which includes the changed parts of the compressors and the results of the measurements, and various warning notes are delivered to our customers along with the compressors whose revision is completed and is ready for delivery.

Original spare parts are used in all repair operations. The montages of these parts, trouble shooting, tests and functioning controls are performed by personnel trained about these subjects both in our country and abroad.

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