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By taking into consideration the using conditions of air condition, ventilation and chiller group systems that it provides service for, the RE-DE unit was founded by our company, which aims the most competitive, most innovative, highest level of service provision and development, continually carries on its operations.

Our company, which contributes to the efforts for a better life, rehabilitates the air conditioning and ventilation systems that we use and puts into service the extra application, which is not used in Turkey and will create difference in increasing air quality, with its organized and expert dynamic staff.

As a result of our research, we assure to increase the air quality to HVAC standards (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) by neutralizing all chemical gas and germs in the fresh air taken from outside and also by neutralizing the Legionella pneumophila virus that grows in air conditioning unit, cooling towers, walk-in boxes, split air condition and Fan coil battery.

The effect of the chemical liquids used in cleaning in periodical maintenance in eradicating the viruses growing and living on devices and those liquids’ harms on the health of technical personnel and accompanying customer representative during implementation are still being discussed by the members of our sector.

Instead of using the controversial chemicals, our RE-DE unit developed a periodical maintenance application, which is not harmful on health and neutralizes the bacteria and viruses identified by the science world at the rate of 99.9%.

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